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As a hobby, Whitey Schmidt began collecting crab memorabilia, seafood restaurant menus and various "crab facts." Today Whitey is the author of ten books and known the world over as the "blue crab guru." His cookbooks include hundreds of recipes for crabs, oysters and various seafood - especially seafood native to the Eastern Shore. Whitey Schmidt who started collecting recipes about 25 years ago. Many of his recipes were gathered during trips around the Chesapeake Bay, others came from trips along the east coast from the Florida Keys to Nova Scotia and on the west coast from Mexico to Vancouver. Some are family favorites handed down from generation to generation, some are old, and some are new, but all are examples of true crab country cookery. Now living in Crisfield, Maryland, Whitey is working on his eleventh book and continuing to discover new ways to prepare and serve the treasures that are harvested from the Chesapeake Bay - especially the Maryland Blue Crab - his particular favorite.

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The Crab Cookbook The Oyster Cookbook
Price: $14.95
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Price: $29.95
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The Crab Cookbook The Oyster Cookbook