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Snow Crab Cocktail Claw (3 lbs.)
    Snow Crab Cocktail Claw (3 lbs.)
    Purchase Snow Crab Cocktail Claw (3 lbs.)
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      Snow Crab Cocktail Claw (3 lbs.)

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    Includes: (3) lbs. Jumbo Snow Cocktail Claws

    Snow crab is somewhat similar in appearance, but smaller than the king crab. Split legs are best prepared broiled, grilled or served cold as an appetizer. Whole legs and clusters are best steamed or sautéd as an entrée. Snow crab meat is very good in omelets, crepes, quiches, soups, salads, pastas and casseroles. A convenient appetizer is the cocktail claw, cap removed and ready to eat. Any part of the snow crab can be used to make a dish more visually appealing.

    Handling & Preparation

    Your king crab and/or snow crab legs will arrive precooked and frozen in a specially designated cooler. You can keep thawed crab legs refrigerated (41°F) safely for up to two days. They will maintain their quality and good taste for up to four months in your freezer.

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