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Maryland Soft Shell Crabs
Blue crabs go through a molting process shedding its outer shell and leaving a delicate soft shell crab that is exploding with flavor. Several methods for preparing soft shell crabs are baked, sauteed, deep fried, or pan fried. Other ways of cooking will give equally tasty results. Soft shell crabs are cleaned, individually wrapped, frozen and ready for preparation. All soft shell crabs are available year round.

Jumbo Soft Crabs (1/2 dozen)
Measure 5½"-6"

Reg: $44.99
Now: $39.99
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Jumbo Soft Crabs (dozen)

Reg: $79.99
Now: $69.99
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Prime Soft Crabs (1/2 dozen)
Measure 5"-5½"

Reg: $39.99
Now: $34.99
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Prime Soft Crabs (dozen)

Reg: $64.99
Now: $59.99
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J.O. Soft Crab Batter

Reg: $6.99
Now: $5.99
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Each softshell crab is wrapped, frozen and ready for preparation. Thaw in refrigerator while still in plastic, remove from plastic. Dip crabs in cold milk and then in the batter mix (your choice). Heat 1/8 inch of oil in a frying pan and saute 3 to 5 minutes on each side. Remove from pan and cover to keep warm. We recommend using J.O. Brand Softcrab Batter available on our accessory page. Frozen softshells can be kept in the freezer for usage at a later date. (best within 90 days)

Did You Know:
  • Soft-shell crabs are an east coast tradition. Out west, the crab is not harvested in its soft stage. The soft crab industry began during the 1870s in Crisfield, Maryland, and today, the soft-shell crab represents a major Chesapeake Bay commerical effort.

  • The delectable soft-shell crab must be caught right after it has molted. If left in the water, its shell will begin to harden in about two hours. Live soft-shell crabs are available from late spring to early fall, with May through August the most productive months. Cleaned & frozen soft-shell crabs are available year round.

  • As the availability of crabs increases during the summer, prices drop. You may wish to purchase a quanity of soft-shells when the price is low and keep them for future use. Clean and wrap them individually before storing them in the freezer. This can easily be accomplished by wrapping the cleaned crab with its legs folded under its body.

  • Some methods for preparing soft-shells are baking, sauteeing, deep fat frying or pan frying. Other ways of cooking will give equally tasty results. Soft-shell crab sandwiches are one of life's greatest pleasures.

  • Linton's Seafood is one of the pioneers in online shipping of Maryland's famous blue crab. Buy with confidence from a company with over 45 years of experience.

    Linton's Seafood in Crisfield, Maryland offers a wide selection of soft shell crabs available online. Sizes are whale, jumbo, prime, hotel and medium. Buy softcrabs live or cleaned & frozen and ready for preparation. All soft shell crabs are shipped mail order home delivery.